We’re taking a Co-op pop-up store to festival goers at Download, Latitude, Leeds and Reading and we want you to come along on the journey with us.

Co-op Festival Crew

Thank you for visiting the Co-op Festival Crew information page – we’ve tried to keep it short and sweet but please ensure you read all of the content and you’re fully prepared for the challenge prior to applying.

Headline Act

In a UK first partnership we have joined forces with Live Nation to attend four of the biggest music festivals in the UK this year. The partnership will see us operating a 6,000sqft store at each of the four festivals – which will be the largest store we are opening this year and is also forecast to be the busiest store we will operate! But before you start packing your wellies (and sun cream) and planning which headline acts you want to see – it isn’t going to be a walk in the park.

Download Donington Park, Castle Donington, Derby, DE74 2RP
Latitude Henham Park, Beccles, Suffolk, NR34 8AN
Leeds Brahmham park, Wetherby, LS23 6ND
Reading Richfield Avenue, Reading, RG1 8EQ


Supporting Act

The store will be staffed 24 hours a day and we are forecasting over 10,000 customers every 24 hours, it will be hot (hopefully :-) ) and we will need to serve a lot of customers and move a lot of stock – we are expecting it to be a very intense and high-pressure working environment. You will have downtime when you’re not working but we must stress that it isn’t going to be an easy shop to work in and we need to ensure that we not only operate the store but deliver the very best experience possible for our customers, both new and old.

The Audience

Our store will give us physical access to over 200k people and a digital reach in the millions – allowing us to engage with an important younger demographic in a credible and meaningful way pre, during and post each festival.

You will take a main stage presence as the star of the show to represent and project the Co-op brand and our values onto thousands of new customers – for whom you are the face of Co-op and they will likely base their impression of Co-op upon how you interact with them. We have an amazing opportunity and we need your support to convert festival goers to Co-op festival shoppers to Co-op customers when they are back to normal day to day life.

The Shop

Our Co-op super store will stock 220 products in the 6,000sqft structure but it won’t look like your local Co-op… for example the majority of ambient products will be merchandised on pallets to allow for a greater volume of stock to be stored.

The store will be inside a bespoke marquee located within the campsite area at each of the festivals. It will be trading from 7am – 1am and will be staffed 24 hours. It will have 16 tills, 4 of which will be belted and the remainder will be kiosk style.

The Campsite

Colleagues travelling from outside a reasonable travel distance will stay in the staff campsite at each festival - within this staff campsite we will have a dedicated Co-op area complete with a 2-man tent per person, Co-op toilets and showers plus our own security. Please note this area is only accessible by attendees with staff accreditation and additional Co-op accreditation, so if you have friends staying at the festival that you want to camp with then you would need to move to the general campsite instead.

Festival Tickets

You will receive staff accreditation tickets which will give you access to the campsite, staff campsite and arena. You will also be able to leave the site if you wish and parking is available in the public car parks.

Sounds good, is there a catch?

Well as we’ve mentioned it is going to be a very demanding environment to work within, for example we are forecasting to sell 25,000 bottles of 2L Spring Water per festival – that is a lot of water to restock and also process through the tills!

You’ll need to enjoy the camping experience and love a challenge, so that even after unloading and working 20 pallets of stock you’re still delivering a first-class experience for all our customers. You will be working up to 52 hours over 7 days, it isn’t going to be easy but it will certainly be an experience you’ll never forget!

Shift Patterns

Please see below the shift patterns in operation, note once assigned a shift team you won’t be able to change unless you agree and have approved a swap locally with another colleague.

The E Team – perfect for early risers who want to enjoy the early evenings at the festival

Tuesday 9am – 3pm (Wednesday at Latitude)

Wednesday – Sunday 7am – 3:30pm (Thursday – Sunday at Latitude)

Monday 7am – 1pm

The L Team – perfect if you want to explore the festival in the mornings

Tuesday 11am – 5pm (Wednesday at Latitude)

Wednesday - Sunday 3pm – 11:30pm (Thursday – Sunday at Latitude)

Monday 11am – 5pm

The N Team – perfect if you’re a night owl and want to enjoy the headline act prior to starting work

Tuesday 1pm – 7pm (Wednesday at Latitude)

Wednesday – Sunday 11pm – 07:30am (Thursday – Sunday at Latitude)

No shift starting on Monday, free to leave at 07:30

Entry Fees

You will be paid your standard Co-op rate of pay for hours worked but will not be paid for time at the festival when not working – usual out of hours working payment will be supplemented where applicable.

Co-op will cover your travel to/from the festival, all ticket charges for you, parking if required and you’ll be entitled to claim your business areas set subsistence allowance for breakfast and dinner if staying at the festival.

Entry Restrictions

You must be aged over 18 as at 1st June 2018. Applications are open to colleagues across One Co-op, however first priority will be given to colleagues who live in proximity to the festival site. Other colleagues can still apply and will still be selected as we are only able to take max 1 colleague per store team. Additionally, please speak to your line manager first to ensure they would be happy with you leaving the team to work at a festival for a week.

Code of Conduct

To our customers, you are Co-op so we need to ensure we always project the best image of Co-op. All our festival crew will be subject to our normal Co-op policies and terms and conditions of employment. In particular, we expect all our colleagues to comply with our Drugs & Alcohol policy and we expect them to behave appropriately throughout their time at the festival

What are we looking for?

What will you be doing?


We know you’re already great but we want to equip you with everything you need to know before you even reach the festival. That is why we will be sending all colleagues a training pack to read through/complete prior to arrival at the festival and this will be followed by training on the first day covering key topics such as health and safety, manual handling, age related sales and the bespoke till system.


If you have any queries please contact us via live.nation@coop.co.uk and we will be able to answer your questions prior to your application.

Festival Onsite Date Commence Trading Date Closedown Date
Download Tuesday 5th June Wednesday 6th June Monday 11th June
Latitude Wednesday 11th July Thursday 12th July Monday 16th July
Leeds Tuesday 21st August Wednesday 22nd August Monday 27th August
Reading Tuesday 21st August Wednesday 22nd August Monday 27th August

Still reading? Great, in that case please see below application process.

We are anticipating a high number of applications so please ensure you read the details carefully and that all the information requested is in your email. Note by sending an email you confirm you have read and agree with the Terms and Conditions which can be found here.

Please send an email to Live.Nation@coop.co.uk with ALL the below detail contained within it in the following order:

  1. Your name
  2. Your business area
  3. Your store / department
  4. Your phone number
  5. Your preferred festivals in order:
    1. Download
    2. Latitude
    3. Leeds
    4. Reading
      1. Please mention if there is a festival you can’t do due to holidays for example
  6. Your preferred shift team
    1. The E Team
    2. The L Team
    3. The N Team
      1. Please mention if there is a shift that you can’t do
  7. Up to 200 of your finest words to explain why you should join the Festival Crew and represent Co-op to thousands of festival goers this year
  8. Bonus points awarded for anyone that signs the email off as Festival Crew
    1. This is to check you have read this far and we didn’t want to end the list on an odd number
    2. For legal reasons we have to point out no points will actually be awarded and the inclusion of Festival Crew/or not will have no bearing on your application

Good Luck and here’s to a fantastic summer together!